View Full Version : Monthly spending limits?

06-08-2003, 02:57 PM
This is a general question regarding setting a MONTHLY spending limit on a RCA Utv and not the PPV spending limit. Has anyone found out how to do this? This reciever is not like the other RCA recievers (420,430) where u have the choice to set either the monthly or ppv limits. And if the RCA utv doesn't have the monthly spending limit, wouldn't that be dumb on RCA or Microsofts part? I mean, if u set the PPV spending limit to 10.00, a kid could still rack up 300 dollars in PPV in a month. The only use (to a subbed card) that i see for just having the PPV limit (and not the monthly) is that i kid can't order porn or special events (UFC, WWE), but what if i was a parent that was concerned with spending only 50 dollars a month? Or in my case, i only want to set my monthly spending limit to $17.00