View Full Version : anyone found a good AC3->MP2 conversion without minor sync probs?

06-08-2003, 05:06 PM
Have a .TY on my drive. I used TyTool7r2 and GOPEditor to cut stuff out then create a muxed .MPG file. But the audio is an AC3 in DD 2/0. So I demuxed them down to M2V and AC3 using TMPGEnc. Then I transcoded the AC3 to MP2 using BeSweetv1.4. Then I muxed'm back to a .MPG and then burned it as an SVCD using VCDEasy.

It looks good at the beginning, but near the end, only 28 minutes long, the audio is only a little bit out of sync. It seems to play about a 1/10th a second or so too fast. You can see something just isn't right. But it's perfect at the beginning, so setting a ms delay would either break the start and fix the end, or fix the start and break the end.

I think it's in the conversion from AC3 to MP2, or AC3 to anything. I've tried converting to WAV then to MP2. Also tried AC3Machine. But it all ends up slowly getting a bit outa sync as time goes on. I might try to manually insert 0.01 seconds of silence every few minutes using Sound Forge to see if that could keep the sync.