View Full Version : MP2 -> AC3 using BeSweet while keeping audio sync

06-10-2003, 09:22 AM
ok, i've done the prerequisite forum search before posting, and could not find what I was looking for, so if anyone has answers please post!
I am trying to use TyTool to rip to DVD, but somewhere in the process I want to upsample the audio from MP2 -> AC3 because my Pioneer "Elite" DV47Ai DVD player doesn't play the audio at all on DVDs I burn from TyTool ripped VOBs.

here's what Im doing:
1) download .Ty with 7r3 (Tystream mode)
2) make .key file
3) do edits with GOPeditor
4) VOB-mux the output
5) create IFO
(all the above using just Josh's stuff from the 7r3 archive...)
6) burn with Nero, using XBOX compatibilty mode DVD-ROM/UDF

so, am I doing this wrong? should I use the DVD-VIDEO template in Nero instead, without the Xbox compatibility (I dont have an xbox... but I dont want to make too many coasters becuase I dont have any RW discs left and its about $2 per mistake with the -Rs!!:eek: )

maybe someone else has this experience as well? when I click "Audio" on the standalone player it comes up with a window saying it recognizes the audio as MPEG2, but have tried everything (analog/digital outs, PCM settings, analog bypass, etc etc and nothing is coming out....)

so Is there any way to use BeSweet in the workflow somehow AND keep things relatively synced up??

OR IF NOT-- then can anyone recommend a good cheap player JUST for playing TYTOOL DVDs?? (read: sub $90 if possible, must have component video outputs)


06-10-2003, 11:36 PM