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06-12-2003, 01:11 AM
Once and for all, this stuff is damn confusing to me!

How the heck fast is a standard 10/100 network supposed to move anyway?

I decided to measure traffic accross my network using DU Meter 3.0. Then I measured traffic from the Tivo's Turbonet card which is understandably slower. The results are pasted below.

I am trying to figure out what good numbers in each categorie are supposed to be and how they translate between bit/bytes, kilo/mega, etc etc (there ought to be a good conversion utility for all that??). Following my findings below, I would like more information about what 10/100 is theoretically capable of, what Turbonet is theoretically capable of, and what people are actually getting on each.

Any info or feedback is most appreciated.


Data transfer rate from PC to laptop 1GB TY File 6-11-2003
60 to 67 mbps (diplay units kilobits per second)
6.0 to 6.7 mB/sec (display units kilobytes per second)

Data transfer rate from Tivo to laptop 1GB TY file 6-11-2003 (more consistant readings than above)
These were obtained with TYTool 7r3 and Jafa's updated Turbonet drivers.
15 to 18 mbps (display units kilobits per second)
1.90 to 2.1 mB/sec (display units kilobytes per second)

06-12-2003, 01:53 AM
your numbers are about right compared to what a lot of us are getting. are these figures using tytool to extract? i get about 1.4 mbytes/sec with tytool, but fare a little better with mfs_ftp.

on my sa, it maxes out at about 900 kbytes/sec. i really wish we could get more speed out of it, but it's not happening yet. jafa has released at least one update to the driver that helped a lot of the people (including me), but i'd say, with those numbers, you've got the new drivers.