View Full Version : BBC's "The Office" -- Trading .ty files accross the Pond

06-19-2003, 09:15 PM
Alright, I would never start a thread requesting something I could burn off DirecTV/Calbe or buy in the U.S. on this extraction board. And the stuff of Kazaa is spotty.

No one in this country (the US) can view or buy Season #2 of "The Office." BBC America is running only season one episodes for at least the next few months, and possibly longer than that.

Yes, Britons, I know its aired in the U.K. since September '02. This comedic injustice cannot stand. We're about to get our riot on over here. Korean grocers are boarding up windows. Please help. Finchy would. Or atleast he'd throw the DVDs over a pub to demonstrate quiz prowess.

I am willing to trade programs for those episodes (there are only 6 in Season #2). I will Tivo and burn to DVD anything. Or, give copies of programs I have. I have some funny shows that probably haven't run in the UK.

TV Funhouse- genius stuff written by Robert Smigel (SNL TV Funhouse Cartoons, Conan O'Brien writer, etc) that ran for only 8 episodes on Comedy Central because it was too offensive for American TV. All eight of them burned straight off a DTivo using Tytool, so no re-encoding -- pure DirecTV digital signal on a DVD.

Strangers With Candy - a series cast in "after school special" format (complete with tender guitar music) about a 40 year old former crack whore going back to high school to finish her degree. Some great writing (and silly acting) by Paul Dinello, Steven Colbert and Amy Sedaris. Critics gushed over it, but it was stuck on Comedy Central and wasn't going anywhere. I have them all (5 or 6 DVDs worth).

Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law & Sealab 2021 - a couple of underrated spoofs of 60s Hanna Barberra cartooons that run for about 10 minutes a piece over Sunday night on TOON's "Adult Swim." People around my office started talking about these and I only have about 6 or 7 a piece now, but some of them are incredibly hilarious. Some awkward vocational dialogue, pauses and looks resemble those of "The Office" -- but with square-jawed superheroes, sidekicks and villains.

Some humorous animation that may have run on UK TV:

Simpsons - every episode but a few
Family Guy - every episode, including Season #3. FYI,this show's reruns airing on lowly cable net TOON are actually beating broadcast giants Leno and Letterman. (http://www.thefutoncritic.com/cgi/gofuton.cgi?action=newswire&id=5982) Seriously. Its kind of tipped the late-night programming logic cart over. Maybe that's where it should have run all along.
South Park - almost all of them.
The Critic - all of them
Futurama - I recorded sporadic episodes. Very hit and miss show. Many whiffs, but also some homers. Luckily, the variation was by episode (largely depended on main writer of that episode).

I have a DVD+R burner. Most of the above are in .ty format on DVD (with commericals still in them), but I can burn some using Tytool7r3 for DVD playback.

Email me at rpongett@pacbell.net if you're interested in a trade.