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Homer S
06-19-2003, 11:18 PM
OK... Here is where I am.

I backed up the original hard drive with mfsbackup (2 versions: -a and -f 4138, interestingly the same size). I also backed up the 3.1.0 kernel partition and 3.1.0 ext2 partition. I then restored the 3.1.U5 image and backed up those kernel and ext2 partitions. My drive now looks like this in part:

3: 3.1.0 kernel (killinitrd'ed)
4: 3.1.0 ext2
6: 3.1.U5 kernel
7: 3.1.U5 ext2

I added updatesoftware=false to the bootparams. I tested it and it boots into 3.1.U5 without backgrounds on the menus, I didn't bother doing a clean and strip since I won't be using this version very long! ;-}

I then made a ROMFS.IMG with the following in a new /img directory on my FAT32 drive:

hacks (see below for listing)

hacks listing between quotes:
"/sbin/insmod kmonte.o
monte /dev/hda3 root=/dev/hda4"

The resulting file was 20480 bytes in length so I sent it to hda16 with this command:

dd if=ROMFS.IMG of=/dev/hdb16 bs=20480 count=1

OK... Here is the question... What do I add to the bootparams to hook the new stuff on hda16 to fire the monte into 3.1.0?

Homer Out

Dr. Phil
06-20-2003, 01:11 AM
Take a look at the install script in this thread:


The chain loader is not included but it is trivial (pretty similar to the hacks file from your post).


Homer S
06-23-2003, 11:34 PM
Thanks All!

I am closing in on it... I have BASH, TELNET and USB2.0 ethernet, on 3.1.U5 without menu backgrounds.

UPDATE - Ok... I restored my current (3.1.0) with menu backgrounds images and replaced the kernel and ext2 with 3.1.U5. Then put romfs.img and the hacks directory back, finally changed the bootpage. Lights on the USB dongle and telnet.

Next step is to try and monte.

BTW from Win 98SE: start menu/run/telnet works fine.

I'll let you know.
Homer Out