View Full Version : Where to get 39s?

06-26-2003, 12:27 AM
Where, oh where can you get 39s?

Here's my story:
Got a sweet cash deal for an HDVR2.
Just ripped it open and removed the FLASH.
It only took the nice tech at work under 5 minutes.
Used a hot air SMD rework station.
She also put on a socket.
Now I owe a lunch. :)

Didn't have any 3V 1 megabit PLCC so I used a 4 megabit.
The pinout of an AMD 29LV040 matched
So I modded the 1.18 bin which was labeled 1.00, interestingly.
The unused address lines measured low,
but the AMD part did not work.
Fearing the worst, as I never did power the unit up,
I used the 37.
It booted - socket OK.

Digikey does not do SST and they seem to have no FLASH stock.
I called the rep.
Sample stock available, lead time four (4) weeks!!!!!!!!
What to do?

Tomorrow I will reprogram the 37.
I'll get ahold of a real wholesaler, too.

What are others doing to get 39s?
Any ideas on other parts to use?
Ain't this fun?


06-26-2003, 01:54 AM
http://www.future-active.com/ (thanks mrb)

Anyone want to split a tube of 30? Fortunately they are a lot cheaper than the AMD parts (at least compared to the $5 price tag at digikey).

P.S. Is your post supposed to be haiku or something?