View Full Version : Sat-T60 Modifications for tempature

06-26-2003, 12:41 AM
I made some modifications for my Tivo since i added an extra HD of 120Gb i now have 149 Hrs of recording time.
This is a Tivo V3.1w/ HU
My Normal Tempature without any fans but the included internal was at 55C which is too high according to standard HD opperation tempature. I added 4 Fans, 2 above both HD's, 1 small on power supply, 1 on motherboard. My tempature is now 41C which is real nice and cool to the touch. I added a Fan Controller since the modifications made a little too much noise for my room.
All fans are pushing air in, and creates a draft of cool/warm air which exits the bottom vents.
All cuts were made with a dremel tool which works nicely!
Here are some Pics!