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06-27-2003, 02:44 PM
I have a DSR6000 and let me tell you the next best thing to a hard drive and turbonet upgrade: a remote upgrade!

The remote on that puppy used to lag so hard on processing the most common commands, like channel up. I couldn't hit "Up, Up, Up" rapidly and have the receiver go up 3 channels; I'd typically get 2 channels up. (And yes, I tried new batteries).

Well, I just reprogrammed my Sony VL1000 remote to operate the TIVO and this thing f'ing rocks away! The DTivo can't populate all the data (like show and description) fast enough. If you are frustrated by the response of the remote that came with your TIVO, I'd HIGHLY recommend a remote upgrade. Remember: not all remotes were created equal. I've tried many types and found that Sony VL1000 packs in all the features I want with a low sticker.

Spend about an hour with initial setup, then another hour tweaking and you'll be on cloud 9! The config screens are a little cludgy and not always intuitive, but once you tweak it perfectly, you'll be pissed you hadn't upgraded your remote earlier.

$50 online here:

No I don't work for Sony or Smartbargains...just passing along a great find!

08-06-2003, 04:35 PM
The original DTivo remotes had a problem where they were slow. For a while, Phillips was replacing them for free (not any more though).

I suspect you were using one of the old models.