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06-30-2003, 05:51 PM
Until recently, I had a links list on Donald Graft's website.

The list has been removed from that site because of a conflict of interests.

Does anyone want to take over the list? I have it and will supply the HTML after removing my name. AFAIK, there's nothing improper on the list, the conflict has to do with digital video work. A few things should probably be removed just to be safe.

Here's a non-linked version of the page so you can see the links. It's a great resource, just needs a new home.


Caller-id program for DirecTivo
DirecTV Serial Control Utility
JPags TiVo Hack Page
kazymyr's Downloads
MythTiVo now available
playing mp3 audio on DTivo
Tera Term
Tivo as a security Camera Recorder
Tivo Control Station
Tivo Control Station public beta P1
Tivo Control Station Public Beta P4
Tivo Control Station Public Beta P5
TIVO Remote v.01 -- for windows users
TivoGraph 2.3
TivoTitle.tcl: automatic show renamer
Tridge's Downloads
Virtual Remote for TivoWeb...Very Cool!
Virtual Tivo Remote Contol
xPlusz remote control command processor
YAC: Yet Another Caller ID Program
YAC: Yet Another Caller ID Program (for TiVo!) (DealDatabase)
YAC: Yet Another Caller ID Program (for TiVo!) (Tivo Community)

Backup Images of Virgin DirecTiVos



Advanced Television Systems Committee
Almost Complete Codes List
"Classic" Opening Animation
Complete Directv Channel Listings
COOL.STF (North American MPEG-2 Information)
DirecTV Program Guide and Channel List
DirecTV Technology
EEE 4984: DirecTV
How Does DIRECTV Technology Work?
Is it possible to select a transponder on the DTivo?
LyngSat - Lyngemark Satellite Chart
The ATSC Digital Television Standard (PowerPoint) (Dead Site*)
Waayy off Topic, Stacker/Destacker Q
Yep...TiVo runs LINUX!

FBI Arrests Russian Student Accused of Stealing Secret DirecTV Documents
FCC's Powell Calls TiVo 'God's Machine'


Merch's New Tivo Community!
oztivo - Australian TiVo Owners List
TiVo Community Forum
TiVo Software Development
Yahoo! Groups - TiVo Canada
Yahoo! Groups - UK Users of the TiVo

Hacking Basics

160gb limit, lba48, etc.
2.5 Software Hack HOWTO
changing default TIVO Sounds
Craig's TiVo page
DarkWing’s (aka Wanker) DTiVo Links
dolby digital question/poll
DTV Speed Tweaks, do you have them?
Free Tivo Without Subscription
Graham's TiVo Notes
Hacking the TiVo FAQ
Hinsdale How-to TiVo upgrade
I made a new step by step guide specifically for the sony t60
MacTiVo Blesser
Newbie TiVo Hacker How-To Guide
Newbies Guide to the TiVo!!
Porsche Cayenne: Advertisements in my Tivo Central menu? WTF?
Sticky: Consolidated Links Thread (aka. Where are the files?)
Sticky: HowTos Only
Sticky: The DTivo Hacking FAQ
Sticky: Tips of the Trade
The Australian TiVo Page
TiVo Native Compiler
Tivo Upgrade

Hacking Hardware

Cooling the DirecTivo
DTivo Power Supply Schematic *PROJECT*
JC's Switched DTiVo Write-Protect & Fan Mods
LOCK down the Flash!!!
My T60 Mods: Now with Cooling, and RJ45 jack
Networker's DirecTivo's hard disk is cool!
Optical to Coax Conversion....
Prom patches for Series 2
Schematic's for DSR6000 / T60
Show me your t....
Tivo - DTivo DVD burner player project


Basic Command Reference for UNIX-Linux
Configuring the Bash Shell
dos2unix manual page
Installing Debian on a Series2 DirecTivo
The Linux Terminal - a Beginners' Bash
unix2dos manual page

06-30-2003, 05:52 PM
Local Channels

A Real Spot Beam Map!
DBS Locals Matrix and DirecTV Transponder Channel Mapping
DirecTV Locals Spot Beam Information
DTV Spots Map

All Locals on DTivo [HowTo]
Anyone gotten TIVOGUIDE TO WORK?
Can't copy rc.sysinit
How can I try to add extra locals with this mvchannels thing????
locals yet again?
Most current version of mvchannels?
mvchannels and xplusz (3.1 upgrade)
Need channels.dat for your specific region?
quick question about locals and legit subs
Selectlocals for 2.5.2
selectlocals.tcl Found!
STRANGE mvchannels issue - AlphaWolf / Anyone?
Think I screwed it up again..
TivoGuide from canada group - Adding staions/listings to tivo guide
Warren's Sofcom to Slice Translator (Australian)


AIM on your Tivo
Big Problem
CorruptDb's TiVo Page (WebPHP)
Dumb NTP Server for TiVo 2.5.1
JS Productions
MfsStream Web Module
MfsStream Web Module v.98!
Silicon Dust
SIMPLE FAQ:TurboNet install over bash on xtreme image
Static IP Address for DTivo -- what works for me
TiVo Updating Over Dedicated Internet HOWTO
Tivo video server-client
turbonet question
Wireless TiVo Connection

A "What's On" module for TiVoWeb
Lightn releases TivoWeb - TCL v1.9.4 beta 5
New TiVoWeb beta4
Tivo Stuff from Gary
TivoWeb is it dead to us?!?
Tivoweb REMOTE access via Internet
TiVoWeb Scripts
TivoWeb/MFSStream with Xtreme 3.1

Stores and "Deal" Sites

9th Tee
Autec Power Systems
Deals - FatWallet
Deals - got apex
Deals - SlickDeals
Deals - Spoofee
Deals - TechDeals
Orbit Communications
Signal Universe
Stark Electronic
Switching Power Supply for SA TiVo
Truett Electronic
Weaknees - The TiVo Upgrade Leader

Video Extraction

Dtivo Video Extraction
DVD MovieFactory takes the Muxed Output from VSplitMux!!
DVD-R results with Vsplit & IFOEdit
Experiences with TiVo MPEG video under Linux
ExtractStream and PlayStream failing on every sector in a DTivo
How to Extract to Tivo drive while it is in PC
HOWTO: DirecTV Tivo Video Extraction With no encoding
How-To Remove Commercials from a DirecTiVo Show
Mac OSX to DVD-R/DVD-RW Work Flow
Merch's New Tivo Community!
Mux: MJPEG's mplex for *Windows*
MUX'ing, VSplit, and MPG2 files.
noscramble for v 2.5
noscramble for version 3.1
Playitsam: Play, Edit & Export TiVo TyStreams
Proven Concept: Tivo Stream Importing
Sticky: Dtivo Video extraction, splitting, and muxing - Scripts, programs, and How-to's only
Sticky: MUX'ing, VSplit, and MPG2 files... #2!
Sticky: tydemux a new opensource (GPLed) Dtivo extraction tool
Sticky: Watching non-scrambled shows with noscramble disabled
Tivo Extraction for Linux Users
TiVo to SVCD Capture Guide
Tivo Video to SVCD for Windows
tserver_mfs5 problem
Trilight - The Guides
tychopper - Cut ty streams by chunk number
TyDeTar script
tyremux a GPLed TyStream demuxer and to be remuxer
TyTool Alpha #5, a Client/server with internal VSplit...
TyTool talk but not MUX'ing...
Video Editing (preferrably .MPG)
Video Extraction Without TiVoNet
Windows Front End to olaf's tydemux

06-30-2003, 05:54 PM
Xtreme and KRavEN's Updates

BlissTerPopper v1
Sticky: Introducing V31 TiVoLater
Sticky: Kraven's Upgrade Inside
Sticky: xtreme upgrade (v3.1.0 and v2.5.2) now available

How do we Protect against 3.0?
Prevent 3.0 Upgrade, How?
v3.1 Big Switch thrown...
Xtreme update prom on TIVO unit?
Yes...we can block the updates and protect our tivos!

25xtreme Install Issue !
2.5 Extreme Upgrade
2.5.2 release
Directory Tree for Kravens anywhere?
EditTitle.tcl - A Few New Features
executing fixup02c
how to install2.5 xtreme upgrade????
looking for T60 image with 2.5.2
Minor update to sc.tcl
no noppv
Which update to install?
Xtreme 3.1.0 Splash screens

Disclaimer: This is for informational use only. Whatever you do with it is your responsibility. Use of this information may void warranties, violate service agreements or be unlawful.

Note: DirecTV very actively pursues signal theft. They are also now administrating TiVo issues with the integrated receivers. In no way, shape or form are we encouraging service theft.

06-30-2003, 07:00 PM
Why not just put all the links in a Word document and upload them to the How Tos Only sticky as a zip file? When you download and extract the file, all the links will be active when you open the document in Word. That way anyone can have them on their desktop for easy access. Otherwise, why not simply copy them all to the How Tos Only sticky. Looking at the list I already see numerous redundancies as many of the links are already in the How Tos sticky so you might want to weed out the duplicates first.

06-30-2003, 07:14 PM
Yes, there are duplicates of what's already in the how-to thread but this is far more compact and easily browsed. The downside is it's not as dynamic so rapid developments, when they happen, won't automatically be available.

I've attached the file minus things which point to me.

06-30-2003, 07:44 PM
I think Darkwing's site is pretty comprehensive.

Maybe he'd like to add some of the things he's missed, that you have included.

I'll mention it to him when I see him.


07-16-2003, 11:20 AM
Got you covered


05-22-2004, 02:23 PM
Completly hand-checked update is coming in the next day or so. Am purging most of the irrelevant stuff now and updating links to the point to the new thread areas.

05-23-2004, 12:03 PM
Why not just put all the links in a Word document and upload them to the How Tos Only sticky as a zip file?
Why a Word document? It's in HTML now, and that's far more universal.

05-23-2004, 02:51 PM
Why not add these links to the alt.org wiki?

05-23-2004, 03:50 PM
If there's a way to drop an HTML page into it, sure. Personally, I'm not that big a fan of wiki. There's no authentication process so anyone can screw the whole thing up.

05-23-2004, 04:02 PM
Swings and roundabouts really - if there's isn't someone prepared to take on the huge task of authenticatating everything, then the comunal maintanace idea might be stronger.

05-23-2004, 04:11 PM
It's communist. As long as everyone acts responsibly, wiki works. Once a malicious actor enters...

My best friend wrote some books on antipatterns. He knows the guys who made wiki. The original intent, IIRC, was only for development projects, not a general blog-type thing.

In any event, the list will be totally done within a day. Have dropped all the old junk and made a pretty good list for TivoWebPlus modules.