View Full Version : HDD upgrade problem, Need help!!!

07-10-2003, 06:21 AM

Just got my WD1200BB HDD, the installation took 5 minutes, i put the unit back together, i did not insert my card, connected the phone line, and applied power.

I've got all the messages i supposed to, and it started downloading the software....

So where's the problem?

I've got this message:THe connection to MSN TV has been interrupted! Reconnect?

Even if i reconnect, it starts the download from the beginning. It does NOT continue where it left off. Sometimes it 'disconnects' as early as 16 parts, sometimes at 100, seemingly random.
I cehcked the phone line, i switched the cable, etc.
It is NOT my phone line. /since i'm online 6-7 hours a day, NEVER got disconnected/

I've got a feeling it's some problem with the MSN site, and it does not 'hardware' disconnected, since the stupid thing not even sence if i unplug the phoneline why it's downloading...

How can i solve this problem? It does not accepting my old drive (even if it would, the old died out, that's why i had to change it...), and the new is not working without the software. How can i put the software on it? Can i call MS for help? What to tell them?


I can't even watch TV...