View Full Version : UTV Partition Table & File Structure?

07-17-2003, 10:46 AM
Has anyone here got any material describing the partition table and file stucture of a UTV drive?

I've found that the Partition Table does not match the standard templates, and also Partiiton Magic reports the UTV drive as one large unallocated space. Clearly this isn't the case, 'cos the damn thing boots in a UTV!

This suggests that M$ used a unique, perhaps proprietary structure, which one might expect to be similar to the FATX aka XBFS aka XFS used on their XBOX.

I'd like to transfer a UTV drive image to another drive. I've already done this and found that the procedure works, with the exception that when the destination is larger than the source (40GB -> 120GB in my case), the UTV is not able to realise the full potential of a destination drive.

The UTV works fine, correctly identifies the drive type. System Info shows "up to 105 hours" record time, yet the My Shows History (% used) indicates that the machine still thinks it's using a 40GB drive.

It should be a simple matter of editiing the Partition Table - if we can find it!

I've determined that, unlike the XBOX, the PT does not appear to be in the sectors preceding the O/S. We know that the key elements of the PT are hard-coded in the firmware (this is how the UTV can format/lock a brand-new, unformatted drive). I also experimented by zero-filling the ~300MB of drive space preceding the 3.5 O/S (mines at LBA 13480600).

As expected, the UTV booted up just fine and contained all the 'My Shows' data i.e. erasing the first 300MB of disk space made no difference whatsoever.