View Full Version : Lost remote:How manual recording?? fixup30.tcl?

07-30-2003, 02:38 PM
HDR 312 standalone is what I have.
A drive is not recognized any more when connected with my PC.
I lost remote and am just pluging and unpluging power cord of Tivo to power up Tivo. I believe it may cause damage the hard drive within Tivo.

As i posted before, because activation is impossible overseas so I must crack the programmed data and use the Tivo as manual recording device only.

For my case, what should I do from now?
Korea use NTSC.
I had been trying copying fixup.tcl according to the threads from many expers including cap*.


07-30-2003, 02:48 PM
fixup.tcl will not work on a standalone tivo.

Other than that, your post is not very clear. What exactly is your question?

Also, please refrain from posting the same question in every fourm on dealdatabase. I believe that you have done this in the past, and have been asked to post your question in a single forum, and wait for a response.

I have deleted your other posts.

07-30-2003, 04:10 PM
I am sorry for posting same question.
Look at me with lovely eyes plz.
I am complete new to Linux.

To clear my situation again, I bought HDR312, having two quantum 13.6g hard, when I studied at Seattle several years ago.
I came to Korea. Of course it was not even made to be activated by Tivo. Calling in to Tivo is not allowed overseas. Of course it can not receive DirectTv. All things i can do is just using it as recoding device for TV progam here or video from VCR. So subsction has no meaning. My Tivo is in virgin state. Nothing was done.

I lost remote recently. I am buying remote from ebay. Tivo said they do not sell remote overseas. Anyway even before remote is delivered to me, I would like to treat it.

1. Both two drives within HDR312 seems to be damaged.
I just guess because every turning on and off HDR312 was not done by remote. Handling roughly turn on and off? Maybe other reason?
A drive is not recognized by my PC at all and B drive is recognized but make severe noise and looks like going to heaven in the near future. I have not seen the posts dealing with this kind of case.

2. If replacing the old ones with new two hard drive is possible, after then, do I have to copy what files and follow what procedures? AS I said, I am OK with just recording video source
here in this country.
My original question was made when i did not find strange symtom in the two hard drives. At that time, someone advise me to copy fixup file. But during copying fixup, and editing TClien? there seems to be file version mismatch. Everything is chaos.

That is it.