View Full Version : A couple questions

08-04-2003, 06:20 AM
I just added a second HD and eth card to my SAT T-60 with 3.1 code. I put on TivoWeb and elseed caller id. All work great, but I have some questions:
If I add noscramble, are there any disadvantages besides not being able to watch scrambled shows(I can live with that). For example TIVO upgrades or anything else I am not thinking of. I ask this because my wife was pretty preturbed when I did the upgrade and deleted all her Oprahs and I am about to do it again and I want this to be the last time I delete everything. I want to add this mainly for future use which brings me to my next question.
Is there anything that you can use that you can extract from the Tivo and play directly on a laptop without any time consuming process. The idea is when going on trips just grab the shows you want and go(I know it is not that simple). If not what is the (approxiate) time frame between extraction(over 100M ethernet) to conversion to something that is just playable from the laptop HD