View Full Version : ADDPPV & dbobj options

08-07-2003, 11:31 AM
channels 594-598 won't let you schedule a future PPV event like normal PPVs.

I was looking at the noppv.tcl and came across this chunk..

# Remove the ppv flag
dbobj $show remove ApgScheduleEvent
puts " Fixed: '[clock format $date -format "%D %I:%M %p" -gmt false]' $title"
incr showcount 1

I can I replace the 'remove' with an 'add'?. This should add the PPV flag to the channels. (Is 'add' the right command to use?

How badly would this nuke my Dtivo? If all this goes horribly wrong?.

how do I get a list of options that I can use with dbobj? or the syntaxx?