View Full Version : No signal on odd transponders??

08-07-2003, 03:44 PM

I've been trying to enable both rcvrs on a Hughes GXCEBOT. Going through the satellite setup, I see that I get no signal on ALL odd transponders. But I get a good signal on ALL even ones (on both cables). Is this normal?

The GXCEBOT complains that he can't detect Satellite 101 (A).

I do seem to get all the channels I should. The dish is supposed to be dual LNB and have been using it with two standalone Hughes Sat receivers for about 4 years (it was installed by "Bell Atlantic", now Verizon, when they were re-selling DirecTV).

Will this affect my ability to use the 2 receivers indipendently (record 2 different shows, or record 1 and watch a different 1 and so on)?


08-07-2003, 08:45 PM
...unfortunately it's not one I like.

That was a stupid question anyway!!!

But here is where I am.

First off, I went through the channels one by one and verified that indeed I'm NOT getting a bunch of them (even though the guide info is there). I then hooked up a standalone (w/o TiVo) Sat receiver to the same cable and verified that there's a good signal on all transponders (odd and even).

That obviously points to bad receivers in the GXCEBOT. Bummer! I could deal with a bad HD, or other removable parts, but, even if I could get my hands on spare receivers, I would not attempt to de-solder / solder them back myself.

SOO, I'm now down the repair shop route. I emailed Truett Electronics for an estimate.

Anybody here have any experience with this problem (i.e. he/she has done it / had it done)?