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08-08-2003, 02:06 AM
My paradise (a.k.a. Tivo) is having major problems. Recently (within 3 weeks) it has started skipping and glitching in some of the recordings. The shows will be playing then stutter for a few seconds and skip ahead, or become extremely jerky and unviewable (TechTV is useless when it freezes every 5 seconds!). It used to only happen once or twice during the show but now it is for the entire duration of the show. It is also inconsistent. If I have 10 episodes of a show 3 will be glitchy. The shows are not recorded at the same time or on the same day (very spread out). Here are the facts:

-60gb series 2 tivo
-6 months old
-3 weeks ago I installed a new hard drive (120gb maxtor 2mb buffer)
-3 weeks ago I also got digital cable (adelphia in los angeles)

I have a feeling it is either the new hard disk or the digital cable (drrrr! I didn't intend for both events to occur at the same time). I have seen the digital cable mess up and skip like that before while watching the tv only, however never quite so consistently. Hopefully, someone can tell me what is going on and shed some light on my Tivo's disorder. Thanks in advance.

08-08-2003, 10:23 AM
Figuring out if it is your cable system should be easy enough. Just plug it directly into the tv and see if it still happens.

As far as the symptoms you are describing, if it's not the cable system, I would say the hard-disks are the first place you should look. Intermittent pauses is exactly the kind of symptom caused by a hard-drive about to bite the dust.

Definitely rule out your cable first though

Good luck

08-12-2003, 02:33 AM
thanks fixn278 for the info. i gave the digital cable alone a try and couldn't get it to error, then i took the drive out and ran the special maxtor tests. the drive was defective and now i get to deal with RMAs and what not. thanks again.