View Full Version : 2.5.2 xtreme upgrade failed?

08-09-2003, 02:02 PM
2.5.2 xtreme upgrade fail
I am new to this so pelase bare with me

I have a sony T-60 with a 40 gig hard drive which I upgraded it to 120gig

Ok I follow the instruction to upgrade the hard drive to and install xtreme2.5 and everything it went, I guess

the problem is when I try to upgrade it to xtreme2.5.2 I get an error stating "invalid Software 2.0 ....aborting"

cleaning up.....


I plug the DTivo in and everythign si fine, but when I try to use the hack from superzp it wont work. Is it because I f up on the upgrade or somethign else, I follow the direction to go into the back door to enable the 30 skip but it dont seem to work

Tips on using:

To enter commands, set the command into the Call Waiting Prefix and press
<select> once.
Menus: TiVo Central ==> Messages & Setup ==> Receiver & Phone Setup ==> Phone
Connection ==>
Change Dialing Options ==> Set Call Waiting Prefix.
Follow the on-screen guide to enter combination of #,*0123456789. DO NOT press
<select> to
Accept and test new options.

After this what do I do? Once I enter the combination do I just sit ther and wait? I press the arrow button to bring me back to the "set Call Waiting Prefix" but nothing happen

08-09-2003, 02:48 PM
this is what i did..
install 25xtreme....
put it back into the tivo and boot it up....make sure the coxial cable is not connected....................
after tivo boot up.....wait till you see ......updating in progress....
pull the power plug...and put the HD back in the PC........
now install xpluz....or superzap...PLSE DO A README.....all the instructions are in there.......
then put the HD back into the tivo....now let it do what it need to do....now....when you see the tivo symbol ...saying....searching for signall.......plug the coxial cable in..and let it pick up all the signals and then it will turn itself off...
after that, turn it on...
now press....tivo button, then and all the way to change dialing option...continue and you will see.....calling prefix..
go there and do what you wish with it...ok!
oh.....all the infos are in xpluz...like nophone....etc..
its all the way down on the bottom of the page....k
this is my 1st time...enjoy!
hope it will

08-11-2003, 07:52 AM
thanks but this is what happen

I left it in the stream for a while and than, I decided to put it back in my PC and try to reinstall xtreme 2.5.2 and this time it work
Than I put the new hard drive in my tivo and it working like a charm now thanks

I think it was my version taht prevent the installation of xtreme 2.5.2

But here is my new question, is tivo like a VCR? I program it to recorded a show, can I turn it off and it will turn back on and recorded the show than power off or I have to leave tivo on for that function to work?