View Full Version : SA S2 4.0 - Before I attempt to hack...

08-10-2003, 02:17 AM
OK, I recently purchased a series 2 (TCD240040).

I have sucessfully upgraded the drive to a WD 120G HD:


Simple enough... I then enabled backdoor mode:


Now I am ready to attempt to monte my series 2 to enable the bash prompt based on the instructions found here:


A couple of questions before I attempt this task...

1. Does the backup command in the hinsdale-how-to save the recorded data?

mfsbackup -f 9999 -6so /mnt/dos/tivo.bak /dev/hdc

If not, what is the command that would save all the data?

2. Can I use my win98 (C) fat32 partitioned drive to save the 3.0 image files without damaging my existing win98 partition? i.e. will win98 still boot ok when I am done performing the steps to monte?

3. Has anyone successfully done this on a 240040?