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08-10-2003, 09:34 AM
I have been running Xtreme 2.5 for months and months with no issues (no locals either). I decided its time to upgrade. I downloaded the 2.5.2 upgrade sent it up via z-modem, and upgraded.

The upgrade went perfectly, I then did the touch /etc/SubTest. rebooted, then I did the following on xplusz:

#2 (for tivoltion magazine)
#65 (figure out which locals market i was in)
#65,10 (Add locals miami area)

here are the things I noticed.

1. channel 100 is gone
2. the tivolution magazine menu item is gone
3. the locals guide info is there but the channels aren't showing up. ( how long should i wait till they show?)

I have a dsr6000 with a round dish and both feeds on and working. I have a waorking card (which i verified locals on a non tivo reciever)

i ran fixsub.tcl for 2.5 and in the info its still set to lifeetim. do i need to run it again for 2.5.2?

I did di searches and check sticky, i felt this issue was different so that is why i am posting it.

Thanks in advance


08-10-2003, 10:45 AM
Do a delete Program Guide and To Do List that cleared up my locals problem and the not having the preview channels. And then reboot.

08-10-2003, 12:47 PM
You don't need to do a "touch /etc/SubTest" with the upgrade. You need to activate the NOPHONE hack in xPlusz instead. You may still run into problems with your locals if you had an existing installation of 2.5Xtreme prior to performing the upgrade. I've tried that and went through all the gyrations of mvchannels and market IDs and every other possible xPlusz command I could think of, including the Clear Program Data & To Do List, but the locals would never stick around for very long, if at all.

I've found it's easier to do a fresh installation of 2.5Xtreme and then upgrade it to 2.5.2 after the Xtreme installation has finished flashing the EEPROM and updating the database in the DTivo. The trick is to keep the sat feeds disconnected until after installing the upgrade. That way the guide data is rebuilt from scratch with the updated OS and the locals come in with no hassle.

08-11-2003, 07:22 AM
I did a delete Program Guide and To Do List. (no one ever mentioned it took an hour) and my wife almost killed me cause it zapped her season passes. The locals came back after that so its working for right now. However if they drop I believe that I will be doing the total reinstall of the software IE, 2.5 (no cables attached) then up to 2.5.2, then do the following:

#2 for tivolution
#60,10 for locals
#(whatever no phone is)
and thats about it.. i like to keep it pretty simple.

I want to thank you guys for your assistance. You replied very quickly and gave me options on how to fix it, your responses are greatly appreciated

Captain two questions for you:

Should I erase the SubTest file and enable nophone?
Which time do you flash the prom 2.5 or 2.52?

Awing...signing off

OH.....and my tivolution magazine menu never came back.. but I never got the darn thing before so its no big deal I just wanted to check it out.

08-11-2003, 07:47 AM
The SubTest directory serves no function in 2.5.2 so you can delete it if you want. Enable the NOPHONE option if you don't want to risk losing the upgrades you installed and disconnect the phone line. The EEPROM is flashed automatically with the 2.5Xtreme installation. There really isn't a need to flash it with the 2.5.2 upgrade since it installs on top of 2.5Xtreme.

08-11-2003, 05:28 PM
ap - By the way it will take an hour to delete and you will lose your season passes.:D :D :D

Sorry I forgot to mention that bud , but glad to hear you got the locals up and running for now !!

08-11-2003, 09:04 PM
ROFL thanks.. Tivolution came up today as i got home.. So now i am a happy tivo'er. all i need now is to throw a nic card in it and my upgrades will be complete. Thanks again..

BTW what does the "for now" in :

Sorry I forgot to mention that bud , but glad to hear you got the locals up and running for now !!

suppsed to mean :D