View Full Version : Recent HDR212 Image

08-11-2003, 09:38 AM
After lurking on this board for sometime, I decided to take a plunge and purchase a TiVo. Since I wanted to expand the TiVo and save money, I bought a Stand Alone Series 1 Philips HDR212 without a hard drive. I bought a new 160GB Maxtor to cover the missing part. I might buy another one, if I can find it cheap.

Anyway, as I was going through the Hinsdale How-To, I realized that I have no OS to restore to the drive. I did some poking around on this board and came up with a link to ftp.abs.net/tivo/backups/ and downloaded the image from the Phillips_HDR212_2.0.1 directory.

That would probably work, but I was wondering whether anyone has a newer version of the TiVo OS than 2.0.1? Isn't 3.5 the latest? Also, does anyone have an words of wisedom for a newbie attempting to "build" their own TiVo?