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Lost Dog
08-22-2003, 01:43 AM
I'm ready to upgrade my HDVR2... At the moment all I want to do is replace my existing drive with a 120gig drive... Simple. Not adding a second drive, just replacing the current one. I do however want to set it up so it will be conducive to hacking in the future (extraction, TiVo Web, etc).

I've got a bootable disk of MFS Tools 2.0 but my system is all SCSI and WinXP. I have several 8gig SCSI drives laying around so I was planning on backing up to one of these. Should I:
1. Unplug my XP boot drive (SCSI)
2. Plug in the current TiVo Drive and the 120gig (IDE)
3. Plug in the 8gig backup drive (SCSI)
4. Boot up the system using MFS Tools
5. Back up to the 8gig
6. Copy the small drive to the big drive (programs included.. yes, I know this will take a long time)
7. Slap the big drive in to the TiVo
8. Grow fat from vast quantities of TV.

Can all the necessary formatting/partitioning happen in this MFS Tools environment or should I do that before this?

I *Thought* I read somewhere that you should put a small partition on the upgrade drive for hacks. Is this true? How big should it be and is this done when booted up with MFS Tools?

I've read several of the newbie upgrading guides but I don't see the basic ones talking about prepping for future hacking or using SCSI.

08-22-2003, 09:14 AM
No formatting or partitioning is necessary for the new Tivo drive. It's all set up automatically when restoring an image to a new drive or simply copying the image over an existing one. While I'm sure there's a way that you can mount your SCSI drives to perform backups and restorations, you might want consider getting a small (i.e. 5GB or less) IDE drive for the purpose of doing backups or restores to and from your Tivo. I believe there's a set of instructions in the How Tos Only sticky thread in the main DirecTV Tivo Hacking Forum that provides detailed instructions for mounting a SCSI CD-ROM to boot from but I'm sure it's also applicable to mounting a hard drive as well.

One option would be to simply copy the contents of the original drive to the new 120GB drive and then expand the partitions on the new drive. This would not require using an additional drive for backup. Unless you plan on using the original Tivo drive for another purpose there's no reason to do a backup. Just put the drive on a shelf for safekeeping. Hinsdale's How To has all the info you need on performing this disk to disk copy and expansion.

Lost Dog
08-22-2003, 10:16 AM
Thanks for the info...

That is pretty much what I expected based on the guides that I have read. I plan to just shelf the current drive as a backup but also make a small image to back up to (just in case and for future hack projects).

I am going to simply exapand the old drive to the new one.

Am I nuts in thinking I read someone saying to put a small partion on the new drive for hacks? This would be a place to load them to and then access them...

I can boot up from my SCSI drive no problem... I've already been playing with that :)