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08-23-2003, 03:12 PM
I want to produce a SVCD set of a movie that I have. It is way too long to put on one SVCD so I want to chop it up. How do I do that? I can convert it to SVCD compliant .mpg file using tytools but how do I tell it to chop it into multiple .mpg files?

08-23-2003, 05:39 PM
There's a multitude of ways you can do this. One way is to select the Get Parts option in TyTool for extracting and just pick a single FSID for the desired ty file to extract. Each FSID is normally 512MB in length so you can just extract one FSID per CD.

You can also specify the length of the clip to be extracted. Pull down the Options menu in TyTool and select Set Length. Specify the length of the clip to be extracted in chunks (one FSID = 512MB = 4098 chunks or roughly 8 chunks per MB). Calculate the number of chunks that will fit on a CD-R (remember to leave about 15MB for lead-in and lead-out data on the disc) and set the length accordingly. This will process the entire ty file but only the number of chunks from the beginning of the ty file will be extracted. Once that number of chunks has been processed, you can terminate the extraction since nothing else will be extracted.

You've just extracted the beginning portion of the ty file so now you need to know how to get the rest. Pull down the Options menu and select the Set Initial Jump option. Enter the same number of chunks you specified for the length of the first extraction so TyTool will begin the extraction at that point. Again, it will process the entire file but this time you'll have to let it process the whole thing.

If the remainder of the file is greater than the capacity of the CD-R (i.e. more chunks remain than the length of the originally extracted portion), then you'll need to specify the length of the file again. This time, use the same length specified the first time but now you have to include the number of chunks specified for the initial jump point as well. For example, say your initial extraction was 5000 chunks (approx 625MB). The 2nd extraction would have an initial jump point of 5000 chunks. If the ty file was larger than 1250MB then you'll need to specify a length of 10000 chunks (5000 for initial jump plus 5000 for 2nd segment). Larger ty files will require that it be split into more than two segments so adjust your numbers accordingly.

Another way is to process the file and then just edit it two or more times by cutting out the last half of the video the first time through and then cut out the first half the next time around. This is less precise because there's no way to guage the size of the files being cut.

If you plan on editing out any portions of the ty file (i.e. cut commercials), then the numbers I indicated are out the window since you'll be cutting the extracted portions into even smaller chunks. I'd recommend processing the entire file into a single mpeg and then cut the file into smaller mpegs using mpeg2vcr or any other suitable editing tool.

08-23-2003, 05:44 PM
Thanks Cap'n...
You da MAN.....

08-23-2003, 05:55 PM
Normally I'd use TMPGEnc for such a task, but it doesn't work well with the output from TyTool. So I did this:

1. Make a key file.
2. Open it in the GOPEditor, and cut out the second half of the movie.
3. Mux to SVCD.
4. (Optional) Rename the file you just created. This step is optional with recent versions of TyTool, which will automatically add a number to the filename if you try to create a file with the same name as an existing one.
5. Go back to the GOPEditor and reload the .key file, but not the .cut file. This time, cut out the first half of the movie. I suggest leaving a little overlap to make it easier to pick up where you were when you change discs.
6. Mux to SVCD.

You now have two SVCD-muxed .MPG files, one with each half of the movie.

BTW, you can save a little time by adding an extra step: before muxing to SVCD, do a standard mux (of the selected half) with NO TRANSCODING. Then pull in the resulting file, and do an SVCD mux from THAT. The reason this saves time is that TyTool processes the entire file (to maintain sync, I suppose) even when you've told it to cut out half of it. (The processing of the cut portions is still a little faster than the stuff it keeps, but a lot slower than it is without transcoding.)

Well, that's how I did my one two-disc movie. Then I said the hell with it, and bought a DVD+RW. They're under $200 now. I mean, who wants to change discs in the middle of a movie all the time? Plus I realized that I could put all of "Cowboy Bebop" onto two discs instead of 13. :-)

08-23-2003, 09:51 PM
Thanks for the pointers.
I tried the GOPeditor version and it worked like a champ....
I just archived off "Harvey" (one of my all time favorites) to SVCD..