View Full Version : Getting into DirectTivo, a few questions

08-27-2003, 06:20 AM
Hi, right now I have a SA tivo, upgraded and running all the hacks, I extract video from it all the time, etc. I just got direcTV because football season is starting, So I want to get a directTivo. I have a few questions.

1. In order to be able to extract video does it need to be an older series 1 directtivo? Or will the new ones work too?

2. If it needs to be an older one where is an affordable place to get one? Sat-T60's on ebay go for more than the series 2 models do brand new at best buy.. whats with that?

3. Is it that much different getting all the hacks going and everything, will i need to use xtreme or whatever that program is? since i have a legit direct tv subscription i wont need to worry about any of that right?

thats all for now i think, thanks!

08-27-2003, 10:10 AM
1. You can extract with series 2 DTivos but it requires a bit more hacking.

2. Series 1 units are in demand because they're easier to hack and are no longer manufactured. It's basic supply and demand. They still sell for less than they originally retailed for ($399).

3. You can set up your DTivo fro extraction without installing 2.5Xtreme but it's probably easier just to go with 2.5Xtreme and update to 2.5.2 using Superzap's upgrade program. All the hacks are included to get you communicating with your DTivo. All you need to install is whichever extraction and editing program suits you. You can run an Xtremed DTivo with a legit DTV sub. You will have to pay the $4.99/month mirroring fee for the receiver and an additional $4.99/month for the DVR service. You can add multiple DTivos to your account for a flat DVR service fee of $4.99 but you will have to pay the $4.99 mirroring fee for each additional unit. It's still a bargain when compared to SA Tivos.

08-27-2003, 03:56 PM
Thanks for the reply, so are there any places that sell series 1 directivos or is ebay my only route?

08-27-2003, 08:46 PM
Ebay is pretty much it at this point. Series 1 units went out of production over a year ago and most, if not all, of the online vendors aren't listing them for sale anymore. For a while a lot of on-line sat dealers were selling refurbed units fairly cheap ($150-200) but that's pretty much dried up now.