View Full Version : Restore failed...Decompression Error

08-28-2003, 08:54 AM
OK...my experiences as a newbie.

I bought a DSR6000 and did about 2 weeks worth of reading the forums. Downloaded the 25Xtreme image and burned it to CD.

My first attempt with a larger hard drive (Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm) gave me the "Restore failed...Decompression error (99%)". So I reburned the image with a different program (tried both Nero and EZCD) - same result. Burned the images at the slowest speed (4x) and fastest (24x) without success. Downloaded two more images from a total of 3 different sites - no go. Changed hard drives - still same thing. Switched computers...no luck. Finally, found a post where somebody wrote having luck only after using an old, slow cd-rom (I had been using a CDRW drive) so I gave it a try. BAM! Success! Now it's working like a charm.

Don't give up...and give a different CD-ROM drive a chance.