View Full Version : Phoning Home Question

08-30-2003, 08:33 PM
Got NOPHONE set for lifetime sub

I like the caller-ID gimmick so I'd lile to leave the phone line plugged in.

Should I ??

Will my 6000 upgrade to 3.1 if it dials in (currently have 2.5.2 Xtreme & xPLUSz 3.1 (is that right Greek?).

I tried setting the dial prefix to "#" (that would get an immediate busy - so it wouldn't dial but that failed because when it tries to test - it fails test so it goes in circles - change, test, fail then either test again or quit back to no prefix)

Anyway with the above software do I absolutely NOT want Tivo to call home or what ?? I do have Sunday Ticket (not by choice, but that was the deal they were offering) and I understand that DOES require a call-in.

I'm sooooo confused with this call-in issue. Yes, No, Maybe?:confused: :confused: