View Full Version : Using an image?

09-01-2003, 08:41 PM
A couple of questions from a true beginner, here goes.

Everyone seems to reccomend series 1 DTivos over Series 2, but after reading Cobelli's How-to, it looks like the Series 2s can be rigged to have most if not all of the features of a hacked Series 1. Before I go buy a HDVR2, can someone tell me if there's some disadvantages I'm not aware of?

Also, in Cobelli's HDVR2 How-to he mentions that you can use an image called u5-151-hacked.mfs to set up your box with the latest hacks, but it put his box in a reboot loop. First, are others having success with that image? If the answer is yes, is there a how-to for using that image anywhere? If I did use the aforementioned image, would that be it, I'm up and running, no further steps needed? Finally, (for now) assuming I can get a usb to ethernet adapter working on a HDVR2, what kind of transfer speeds should I expect to get?