View Full Version : Let clear up somethings, what in 2.5.2xtreme upgrade

09-06-2003, 12:02 AM
Ok guy please help, I have read like million os thread and getting more confuse.

my question is does the xtreme 2.5.2 have turbonet software and driver install when you upgrade to this version?

I have read that some have to reinstall the turbonet driver from 9thtee.com?

I need to know because I been getting the GSOD because of this.

I was able to get 202 hr of recording time until I deiced to install the turbonet driver.

Here is the issue,

new t60
1)got a 160 gig for A and 80 gig for B
2) got the image from tivostuff.com (SonyT60_25XtremeG.zip)
3) install it on my 160 gig (hdb) while my 80 gig (hdd)
4) run the install and got to tivomad
5) it come to ask the question, do you want to install - yes
what is your A drive = hdb
do you have a 2nd drive = yes
what is the 2nd drive = hdd
is your dirve > 140 gig = y
6) everything is fine and now time to upgraded to extreme 2.5.2
7) check to make sure everything looks good, went to system info and saw 2.5.2 and 202 hr of recording time
8) take the drive A out and install on the PC to install tubronet
9) install turbonet and but it back into tivo and power up
10) reboot fine and update the database and reboot and than GSOD

so if the 2.5.2xtreme already have the turbonet drive I wont have to rebuild so many time and actually get to have (2) hard drive in my machine