View Full Version : if i already DID the previous update to the original extreme,,

09-06-2003, 10:25 PM
and there-fore my "hack" dir no longer resides in my "var" dir , should i just send the 2.5.2 upgrade to the hack dir in the root ? i'd hate to lose all these mr . eds
i have tried to find a clue on this by searching , but usually it is reffered to as /var/hack in other posts
thank you for your patience , R

09-07-2003, 10:38 AM
You can restore the contents of your /var/hack directory using the hack.zip file found in this thread:


Create a new /var directory using the mkdir command and then transfer the contents of the hack.zip file via serial connnection and TeraTerm using zmodem protocol. Navigate to the new /var/hack directory and type in the following command at the bash prompt:

chatter +i *

This will help prevent the Tivo from deleting the files next time.

09-07-2003, 09:30 PM
THANK YOU ! i appreciate your help , , one other tiny detail , i assume that i should make the new var dir in the "root" of the drive ie; cd / , , would a wise person worry about the old var directory there and delete it? or just delete whatever is in it and then send the new "hack" file in there? , ( i'm sure this is a stupid question , i assume i should , but i've seen strange things in this new operating system , i know dorothy isn't in DOS anymore , so i thought i'd ask) , i have access through ftp but its acting very inconsistant so i thought i would do the "2.5.2" upgrade with terra terminal .
thanks also for your "faq" posts i have been reading them and the other postings about the upgrade , but couldn't procede with no var/hack !!
thanks again captain video

p.s. my exsisting "var" dir on the root contains only 3 files , mtab , teletextin , and ,, timestamp ,just in case that matters