View Full Version : what should system info say after updating to 2.52xtreme?

hughes gxe
09-10-2003, 08:27 PM
i have tried this 15 times.
i will install 25xtreme on a drive and boot it in the tivo.
next i remove the drive and upgrade to 252xtreme. the image takes.
i reboot and it freezes with the green screen of death and then reboots after 15 min.
i go to check the system info and software is stuck at 2.51...
what the hell is going on.
all the images blow onto the drive no problem, but when i reboot i get no love from the tivo when trying to use xplusz. i cant start it with the #,*123456789 command..

my guess is its not updating because when i check the system info it doesnt say 2.52....

what should it say if it works?

also, is there another way to tst if xpluzs is working?

09-10-2003, 10:10 PM
What software are you actually using to perform the upgrade with? Upgrading to 2.5.2 is an upgrade to 2.5Xtreme and not the 252Xtreme image that you are apparently referring to. Perhaps we have a disconnect in terminology here but you need to make it clear what programs you are installing.

Look in the DirecTV Tivo Hacking Forum in the How Tos Only sticky thread. There's a tutorial I wrote on installing 2.5Xtreme and the 2.5.2 upgrade that should help you out. It's on the 4th page of the thread.

hughes gxe
09-11-2003, 01:03 PM
ok, i got it. finally got a new hardrive and it worked.
installed 25xtreme with -p switch, booted in tivo, placed back in pc and ran 252xtreme update (upgrd252.sh) and it all ran great!
thanks for the time and effort!
this was killing me!