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09-11-2003, 01:49 PM
Edit: I have since resolved this issue. However, I have placed a followup problem below.

Hi All:

Bought a (supposedly) brand new TiVo DSR6000 on EBay. (OK, I can hear the groans...) Before opening the box, I check to see if it powers up and gets to guided setup with the remote. Everything seems to be in order. I go through guided setup, signal strength at 78-80 or so, and then it goes to Detecting Satellites and gets stuck. I had left the room for a moment and when I come back there's just a black screen.

Upon repowering up, it will not go past the Welcome screen. Using the information in the FAQ in this forum, I open up the box and take out the white ribbon and put it back in. (I also removed the disk drive chassis in this step.) Put everything back and it goes past the Welcome screen to guided setup. First thing I noticed is the remote no longer works. (What could I have done so the remote no longer works? Batteries are fine.) Get to signal strength page and it registers very briefly 80 and then goes to 0. Change the satellite setup to dual tuner, hook up second LNB, and repeat. Next time through guided setup (using the buttons on the front of the case), same thing - both tuners show 0 signal strength.

Jeez, I'm a newbie and I think I bought a lemon. However, it did seem to work briefly out of the box - showing signal strength and the remote working.

Really need some help. I'm stuck at this point. Searching forums but not getting anywhere.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.


09-11-2003, 02:20 PM
OK....Sorry to post a false alarm. But I went in and reset the white ribbon cable again - and guess what - the remote now works and the signal strength is back to 80.

Now I have the probalm of detecting satellite setup is stuck at 28%.

Not sure if I even need to go further with this setup. I have yet to xtreme the disk (as well as a B disk I plan to bless). I think I'll just abort this and go on to xtreming the disk.

Any comments. Thanks as always.


09-12-2003, 11:54 PM
Not to ridicule, but the chances somebody has a dtivo thats 2 years old laying around never used is VERY slim. Ebay is full of scammers, they all sell AS-IS for a reason. Most NEW are just lightly used and resold as new. You can go to system info and look for the last download/update. If there is one its used. LIKE NEW is a possibility, most people keep them in great condition. As for the 28% issue, its everywhere. Just boot with the feeds unhooked, and when it opts out at 0% it will say go to tivo central as one of your choices. Now hook up feeds from satellite and go to tivo central. It will go to 100% when you go to live tv.

10-08-2003, 08:53 PM
I too have experienced this problem. I upgraded from the round dish to the oval dish and had to rerun the guide setup, and my TiVo got stuck on stupid at 28%.

After about an hour of frustration, I broke down and contacted Directv support and here is what they told me to do:

1. Unplug both satellite cable from the TiVo
2. Unplug the TiVo power cable for 10 seconds
3. Plug the TiVo power back in
4. Run through the guide setup wizard
5. You will get an error message when your TiVo is "Detecting satellite", choose the "... More Options", option.
6. Next, select the last option on the screen, it says something like I will fix the problem later.
7. Plug the satellite wires back into the TiVo.
8. Your TiVo will go through the acquiring signal, when completed should work again.

The DirecTV support rep. said this is a known problem with some TiVo units, and said it should be fixed in a later software release. He said this will happen every time we rerun the guide setup. I hope this helps you out.

I know this message was posted a long time ago, but I didn't see any update posts and I figured it would help someone else out sometime.

Good luck! Take care! :)