View Full Version : Weird Messages in Bash on Series2 w/ Monte

09-11-2003, 03:15 PM
I got bash on my Series2 HDVR2 with monte hack but having some issues.

I get all sorts of messages when I am in bash. For example I get things like:

ApgManager Transition from state PREP_SETUP to EXPRESSION_EVALUATION
ApgManager Transition from state EXPRESSION_EVALUATION to STEADY_STATE
oslink: 01 01 01 Access Card: Inserted Tuner[0]: Locked Tuner[1]: Locked
oslink: 01 07 01 Access Card: Inserted Tuner[0]: Locked Tuner[1]: Locked
oslink: 01 07 07 Access Card: Inserted Tuner[0]: Locked Tuner[1]: Locked

How do I get rid of these messages? It makes it hard to do anything in bash with this stuff popping up all the time.

Thanks :-)

09-11-2003, 03:53 PM
I assume you mean you're getting those messages over your serial port, and not over a telnet session. If so, it's because of the dsscon=true setting. If you really don't want those appearing on the serial port, don't give monte the dsscon=true argument.

09-11-2003, 05:31 PM
I took out the dsscon-true statement from my runmonte script and now I can only connect at 9600.

What happened? My runmonte script now looks like this:


# Derive monte settings from the bootparams stored on disk
set -a
newboot=/dev/hda$(/sbin/bootpage -a /dev/hda)
case "$root" in
*4) newroot=/dev/hda7 ;;
*7) newroot=/dev/hda4 ;;
*) handcraft=true

# Unless "handcraft" is set, immediately load the next kernel via monte.
# Extra bootparams for that kernel can be set via a comma-separated list
# stuffed into the original "prom" bootparam (e.g. prom=FOO=bar,BAZ=bat)
if [ ! "$handcraft" ]; then
/sbin/insmod -f /mnt/kmonte.o
/mnt/monte $newboot root=$newroot console=2,115200 \
upgradesoftware=false ${prom//,/ }

# If this point is reached, either monte failed or was never run.
# Just continually spawn off bash shells on the serial port for debugging.
export -n BASH_ENV
while true; do /bin/bash -login</dev/ttyS2&>/dev/ttyS2; sleep 5; done