View Full Version : Xtremed Drives..and now Welcome...Powering Up

09-11-2003, 10:00 PM
OK, as you all may or may not know from previous posts, I'm hacking a tivo for the first time.

Bought a DSR6000. Bought a second drive (80GB Maxtor drive from Fry's). Put them in PC, booted up with the 25xtreme CD (TiVo A drive secondary master, Maxtor B drive primary slave), and ran the xtreme program. Went to TivoMad and went through the questions. (Didn't get the one about if the A drive was a Quantum Fireball). This all seemed to go fine and then the B drive was blessed.

Reinstalled the drives in Tivo - Tivo A as master, B as slave - and got the dreaded stuck Welcome....Powering Up.


1. How long when you first put the drives back in TiVo does it stay on Welcome before rebooting? 5 seconds? 5 minutes?

2. Should I be seeing Unix stuff flashing across the screen? What should I be looking for?

I've now reseated the white power ribbon 4-5 times and still no luck.

Can anyone give me some suggestions to try? I'm stuck.



09-12-2003, 01:15 PM
Ok...Finally fixed the problem. Had to change the jumper on the B drive to Slave from Cable Select. Everything works fine.