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09-15-2003, 02:19 PM
Ok gang...

Any last suggestions before I partake in this adventure of hacking into my S2 SA for Video extraction.

Is there something specific I should know?

I have read almost all the posts with some confusion. But, I am willing to give it a go.

Does anyone know how to do a monte method to chain load your way into the 4.0 setup? This was the last reply that I got. Since I am a NewB please let me knoe if I am over my head now. LOL



09-18-2003, 08:21 AM
The fact that you asked if anyone knows how do a Monte is leading me to believe you might be in over your head. Did you search using the button above? Did you browse the forum? There is a huge thread about it.

If you choose to proceed, be aware that

- it could take months for a newbie to come up to speed. (I know this from experience.)
-you might be without your Tivo for weeks at a time, or permanently if you do not do proper backups, often.
-there is little tolerance here for questions that have already had answers posted. (I found this out from experience also.) Be prepared to read until your eyes bleed. I bought a Linux for Dummies book also.
-when you finally succeed, Tivo could send out an update at any time that renders some of your hacks useless. As a newbie, you are then at the mercy of the 'Tivo Gods' to come up with new fixes. Sometimes that can be months, sometimes that can be minutes. You never know.
-there is a guy here that will pounce on you at least once - His name is David Bought. You can safely ignore his arrogance and personal attacks. Underneath the obnoxious rhetoric, however, his point is often right.

In a nutshell, if you are technical, have lots of spare time, and have a high risk tolerance, go for it. If you expect to find a how-to document, do it over a weekend, and then forget about it, in that case your expectations are way off.

Good luck

09-18-2003, 11:19 AM

Thank you for your reply... I have read all the documents and I am just now getting some clotting in my eyes. The blood is not as free flowing as it was earlier in the week. (LOL)

I am not new to linux, but I have read about monte'ing the box and have come to the conclusion that you must remove the HD from the Tivo box. (A GIVEN) I have a spare harddrive to muck around with, so we are golden, as far as backups go.

Does your still work? IF so, what version is your box.

Thanks for you help...


09-29-2003, 11:04 PM
Thanks for taking the time to help the newbies. No, I do not want simpathy. I just wanted to encourage you. It takes less energy to be nice and hacking the tivo hardly qualifies anyone to be a god. I have a long list of hacks but find myself very confused.
PS I think I am going to run some long av cables from my tivo s2 to the pc (analog inputs) to extract and wait for some of the hard core hackers to refine the whole series 2 process. My series one is on the way back from my sister-in-laws (previously sold) and maybe I will toy around with that as it does appear tytools is an easy way to go. As for the monte or eeprom hack on series 2, I am not sure I am qualified or have the time to mess with it now.