View Full Version : reboot on DTV menu only..dsr6000

leon phelps
09-19-2003, 08:06 PM

Have a DSR6000. When I try to go to the DirecTv menu, the TiVo reboots. Originally, rebooted every 35 mins...the hard drive was bad. I replaced the hard drive and now I just re-boot in the DirecTv menu. Everything else works fine, dual tuner, recording season passes....If I go to the DTV menu...I reboot.

HD is a WD 120GB. I am thinking power supply, figuring that when accessing the DTV menu there is some sort of glitch. Temp also seems a bit high(44C). I usually leave the cover off and am at 36C.

Any suggestions appreciated. I have searched the forums and not really seen anything.

Sorry for the dup post. I posted in another section, but couldnt delete it.