View Full Version : Newbie here !!! Simple question.

09-24-2003, 07:37 AM
have tivo unit purchased on e-bay. it is a Hughes Unit on the outside (GXCEBOT or something). when I run system tests, the on screen display shows it is a Phillips DSR600. I have been "testing" with this unit for several months now. here is the question: Should I call dave and ask for a P4 card to sub this unit legit, do I have to sub to Tivo as well or will the Tivo part still work with its "lifetime subscription"? If I sub with dave, which s/n to I provide, the one on the back of the IRD or the one that shows up on the system test?

09-24-2003, 08:48 AM
The Hughes GXCEBOT and Philips DSR6000 are identical except for the faceplate. Someone obviously installed 2.5Xtreme on the unit to get the "lifetime" subscription. 2.5Xtreme is based on an image from a DSR6000 which is why your system information indicates it as such.

You should definitely call and get a new P4 card to subscribe to DTV. The CSR will want to charge you $20 for the new card but if you sweet talk him or her you may get it for free. You will have to pay $4.95/month for the DVR service or you won't be able to use the DTivo for recording. The DVR fee is a flat fee for as many DTivos as you want to add to your account. I've got four of them and only pay $4.95/month total plus the mirroring fees to DTV for the extra receivers.

You will need to provide the serial number from the sticker on the back of the chassis when you subscribe to DTV.