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09-28-2003, 02:58 PM
After a lot of work I finally got a BASH prompt on my S2 Philips 7000 Dtivo. Now Ií[m trying to edit my hackinit file and send it to my tivo per Cobellas guide. I used Edit pad to compile the file and made sure it was set to convert to unix. I saved the file on my win2k machine and it saved as a txt file. I didnít think this was correct so I then saved it as a binary (donít know a lot about linux so Iím groping as I go).

Next I used Hyperterm and connected via serial (Iím not very experienced using file transfer). Got my bash prompt. Using the ďsend fileĒ command, under transfer using Zmodem, I selected the hackinit file and transferred it to the /var/hack directory. When I perform an ls on the /var/hack directory the file appears in capital letters (HACKINIT.BIN). The original hackinit file is still there and not replaced. Am I saving the file incorrectly? Transferring the file incorrectly? Also, whatís the linux command to view or print the hackinit file? I see others who post their logs and hackinit files for other to review. Iíd like to understand how this is done.

Finally, I got the BASH prompt working and was able to activate Ethernet connections using a netgear FA120 adapter. I can connect using Hyperterm via winsock port 23, I can ping using command prompt, but when I use IE6 I canít make a connection. I looked in my DCHP tables on my Lynksis router and I can see my series 1 with turbonet but it doesnít recognize the new connection with the FA120 on my series2. Any suggestions, if I canít connect via IE Tivoweb wonít me much help.

09-28-2003, 10:43 PM
Connect via serial cable and get bash. Type in the following:

cd /var/hack
mv hackinit hackinit.bak
mv HACKINIT.BIN hackinit
chmod 777 hackinit

You won't be able to look at the contents of the hackinit file on your DTivo without an editor like vi or joe. Your hackinit file transferred exactly as you told it to. The commands I outlined above renamed your original hackinit file with a .bak extension. Then, we renamed the file to make the letters the proper case and also to get rid of the .BIN extension. Finally, we made it executable so it would execute at bootup. If you just want to look at the hackinit file on your PC, just open it up in any editor like TextPad that can save the file in UNIX format.

You won't be able to connect via Internet Explorer or any other browser without first activating Tivoweb manually on the Tivo side. It doesn't always work correctly when you try activating it at bootup via the hackinit file. Look in cobelli's guide for the command to activate it via bash.