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09-28-2003, 09:31 PM

I have a Dwd490re (ultimate tv receiver). I have been running
computer emulation, for the last year or so.

My machine has stopped working. when i plug it in, the lights on
the front flash, and then the green light continues to flash.
the receiver seems to be locked up. I've tried unplugging it for
about 7 days, and then retrying it, but still that dam light will
no stop flashing. Last time I checked, it has software ver 3.5 .

this receiver as never been opened.

can someone, please help me out.

thanks in advance,


10-01-2003, 08:35 AM
Hi Again,

I had a couple of people email me, to try and disconnect the
power from the hard drive, to see if it would want to dial out to webtv, after power up.
and yes, thats what it wants to do.

so i guess my hard drive is fried ?

can someone, give suggestions on what type to replace it with?
also, would like to replace it with one that is bigger.
also, is there a special procedure for doing this.

any help is appreciated,


10-01-2003, 04:03 PM
I am sure we can help you.

A couple of items though, I hope you are using an emulator to protect your subscribed card from lightning or some other misshap. There is no Directv hacking talk allowed here.
Also a season inteface can cause some shorts and electrical shocks to the utv unit and this would definately be an item that you should use at your own risk.

Either way please see this post for information on how to replace your drive and with what drive you can replace it.


Here's the short of it. Get the new drive and place it in the utv and let it dial out. This works well if you subscribe and the webtv server is working well enough to send via very slow modem the latest 3.7 o/s

Option 2, this is the one I assume you are looking for. Get a new drive, zero it out place it in your pc and using a purchased version of winhex write a copy of the utv37 o/s file to the drive commencing at 631811, see the post above for details on this. One thing though is that it is difficult to find this file(don't ask me I don't have it) see the people on the board that are seeding a torrent or are using file sharing ot disctibute this file.

Also remember that 3.7 will only allow p4 cards as this is all that current subs should have in their machines. This is why some people are talking about ver 3.5. So if you are in a country that it isn't illegal to test directv you could download 3.5 and place it on the new drive(a locking hdd) then you can go back to how you were using it before.

Hope this helps

David Bought
10-03-2003, 10:58 AM
Thanks wad for the great writeup.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to inform the OP that karma's a bitch. If you stole TV for over a year you deserve to have a dead UTV on your hands.

Also you should test the hard drive before you buy a new one, just in case (as I hope) something else on the UTV is fried. Plug the drive into a PC and run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility to make sure there are disk errors. This may require reformatting and/or unlocking the drive.