View Full Version : Reboot when going to Live TV or Cable Box setup

10-05-2003, 09:50 PM
I'm troubleshooting a Sony SA Series 1 (1.3 software) for an acquaintance. I don't believe the unit was hacked; they bought it from a dealer in Florida 2 years ago. (It had been returned, supposedly by an elderly customer who couldn't figure it out.) So I'm 99% sure the unit is intact.

I did encounter some reboots during setup, so I did a full reset and did guidd setup from scratch. The phone section went fine, but I'm now stuck at the cable box step.

If I go to Live TV, or if I enter Cable Box setup and pick a brand (scientific Atlanta, in our case), the TiVo reboots right away, every single time.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or will I have to open the unit and restore the disk image to a factory state?