View Full Version : t60 rebooting after 20-30 minutes.

10-14-2003, 09:24 PM
I am starting to see similar problems to mine.

I am using a wd 100gb hd 7200rpm. temps are good. cover is removed for cooling. (besides cannot see its uglies from entertainment racks.

I have 2 t60s, both with turbonets, and both running 3.1 sw.

It will run fine for over 3 weeks. Then the reboots start. Not like clockwork...but I expect them at this point. I am pretty sure its not the power supplies because they are working fine for 3-4 weeks. Is this something that is common with dtivos that are hacked up?

I was thinking about trying snoopys image instead of surgeons 2.5 to 3.1 upgrade. This isnt making a whole lot of sense with the reboots. I tryed a clear and delete everything after all this happened and it just went into a reboot loop funny thing is while it is in the loop. I can telnet in and ftp. so all the tools are working fine. What is the culprit to tivo data corruption?

Seems like its happening a lot lately. Im open for suggestions. All my ribbon cables are clean and seated well. I cant remember if the last time this happened i used the same t60. Again I dont think its the PS. I am running Lifeguard diags right now. simple test was ok 0 errors. Full test is running now. My wife loves tivo till it starts rebooting like that. Every 20-30 minutes is annoying!!!

10-15-2003, 02:02 AM

Ran HD diags. Fine on reg and extensive checks.

Moved hd to the other dtivo box. rebooted just like the other one for about 3 cycles. then it went into forever load mode with clean up and delete everything. Mid way through i got bash via telnet.

It fixed itself and is back up and running. Hasnt rebooted in last hour.

So does this mean other box has bad PS....One of the boxes were repaired by sony. cant remember which one now. I got a new hd coming from wd from rma in few days. Will work with other box and see if i can get it to repeat reboot problems.

10-15-2003, 11:01 AM
I too had questions as to wether my PS or HDs were flaking out. To solve the question about the PS, I used another member's suggestion and I soldered a flat ribbon cable from the underneath side of the motherboard to the underneath side of the power supply. Now I know that the connections are good.

The reboot problem is typically a HD issue. When mine was running perfectly and then slowly degraded to rebooting every 10-20 minutes, it was a bad HD. But my WD diagnostics showed a bad HD.

download and use the powermax diagnostics. If you get a smart error then there is something wrong with the HD.

10-16-2003, 12:51 AM
A long time lapse is usually the beginning of HD death, but very commonly a power supply also. If the reboot follows the drive, its the drive. If it doesnt, its the supply. You can easily switch the supplies to be sure its not he board, that way you know the supply AND drive are good if they work in the other machine with the known good board. The best diagnostics are made with 2+ tivos, the more the merrier..........