View Full Version : Stuck on "Acquiring" anywhere from 58% to 82%

10-18-2003, 11:06 PM
Very Strange.

My unit (RCA - HDVR2 clone) stops anywhere from 58% to 82% everytime I boot.

If I reinstall my original hard drive it works fine (I've been running a 120gb Maxtor since August). I've run Maxtor's utilities on the new drive and it says it's OK so I am suspecting a data stream corruption.

I've performed a "Delete all Program Data and To Do Lists" but have not yet done a complete "clear and delete". Have a ton of shows as I have the Everything package (Sunday Ticket Promo).

This seems to be a data corruption issue since the original hard drive works fine. I've tried the whole routine with disconnecting the cables. As soon as I connect them, it counts up to 58-82% and then stalls. If I do the DIAG data it shows "LOCKED=TRUE" but up to that point it cycles many iterations of "LOCKED=FALSE". Again if you haven't been listening, my original harddrive works FINE. So this definitely has something to do with the state of software (or data) on the 120gb drive.

Any thoughts other than "s^!t-canning" all of my recordings? Yes, I know I can tserver the programs to my computer but I don't have that kind of storage right now so I am looking for any hints towards a more elegant solution.

This is a MONTE'd drive and I've re-"dd"d HDA3,4,6,7,9,14 and still have the same results.

Any thoughts?