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10-29-2003, 10:03 PM
UltimateTV, ReplayTV and now the Windows XP Media Center tv guide put red dots on their guide screens to indicate that show is going to be recorded. One red dot means just that episode or movie will be recorded. Two red dots means that this show will be recorded each time it comes on, whether it be daily or weekly. This is the equivalent of Tivo's Season Pass. A red dot with an X through it means that you tried to schedule a recording, but there was a conflict with another recording.

The question is: has anyone tried to add this feature to Tivo via hacking? It is a very nice feature. Just by glancing at your guide on the screen, you can see which shows are going to be recorded, or if there is a conflict. Once you have gotten used to this feature, it is very hard to do without it. Is there any way to hack this feature onto the Tivo guide? Has anyone done it? If not, does anyone have a suggestion as to how we could proceed to write such a hack?


DrChad :)

10-30-2003, 04:08 AM
As impressive as some of the Tivo hacks are, that's way beyond the level of any of them. It would require a non-trivial patch to tivoapp... in fact, a very extensive patch. But tivoapp is nowhere near that well-understood yet, outside of the Tivo corporation. (We don't have the source code for it.)

You'd be better off just suggesting this to them.