View Full Version : Help! SVR2000 Drive Settings and/or Drive Restore?

11-05-2003, 05:31 PM
I just purchased a used SVR2000 on Ebay.

The machine came with the Quantum Fireball LCT 15 30gb Drive as well as a Maxtor 80gb 98196H8 Drive.

When I power up the Tivo, it just sits there with the "Powering up Tivo Please wait a minute" message. I can hear both drives powering up, so I can only assume that somehow the images on the drives are screwed or the jumpers are incorrectly set.

I know nothing about Tivo but I'm very experienced when it comes to dealing with PC hardware.

My questions are:

How are the drives supposed to be jumpered in the Tivo? 30gb as Master and 80gb as Slave or vice versa etc.... Does the Tivo configuration mirror a PC's config?

If the drives have corrupt data on them, can I hook them up to my PC and put a "good working" image on them so that I can use the Tivo again?

Any Help Greatly Appreciated,