View Full Version : HELP Great transponder signal, but Satellite 101 not detected Willing to pay for help

11-07-2003, 01:13 AM
I need to get my Tivo back up and running. I can paypal some money if someone will help me.

I have a Sony Directivo that all of a sudden stopped receiving guide data. I tried everything so I decided to do a fresh install from 2.5 and then to 3.1, and borrowed a new P4 card from a friend.

Going through the guided setup I run into the problem after I check the signal on each transponder. The next page:
"Checking the satellite dish setup based on your dish type (Round)..."

Results in the error of:
"Satellite 101 (A): not detected"

Heres some info that I have:

- No hacks being run.
- New virgin P4 card.
- Round dual-lnb dish. (I dont think I have a multiswitch, since I run straight from the dish (Arent Multiswitchs purchased afterwards? I have no idea what they do.)
- Other DTV recievers work on the same cord and dish.
- Receive 80%+ signal on all transponders. Expect: 18, 26, and 28 have 0% signal.
- Scanned harddrive for errors, nothing comes up.
- This happens on both 2.5 and 3.1

I have had this problem close to 2 months and tried everything I can think of, does anyone have any suggestions? Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks!

11-07-2003, 11:10 PM
It sounds like your dropping the 30volt line after searching. You technically dont need to go through the guided setup. Just image with 2.5 xtreme and while installing in hte tivo DONT hook up the sat feeds. After you get to acquiring sat info after the software installs yankt he drive and do the 2.5.2 upgrade. Again DONT hook up feeds and let it go to aquiring sat info. After it errors out at 0% then hook up feeds and go to tivo central, then choose live tv. Try this and see what happens. You dont need to run guided setup all the way, your not calling out with xtrme and if yoiu have 2 feeds you can still get them enabled without finishing the setup all the way..........