View Full Version : Very strange turbonet problem

11-10-2003, 11:12 PM
Alright, about a month ago I noticed that I could not log into my dtivo thru telnet nor ftp, but I could connect using Tytool to extract my videos. I passed this off as nothing and figured a future reboot would remedy the problem.

Then the update came from mother tivo and bugger'd my tytool extractions, so I needed to redo my hacks. Did the usual stuff (nic_install, sync root partitions, etc) to get it back to working condition. Got everything together and plugged it back up.

Now the weird part: I can ping the tivo, but I can not telnet or ftp into it. I get a "connection refused" not "No route to host", so I know the connection is getting there. Its just not letting me in. Also, I'm still able to use tytool to get the "NowShowing" listing and, strangely enough, I'm able to extract a video if I use the single socket connection (not double, which I used to use).

I've moved the tivo around several times, trying to determine if I have a bad cable/router/whateve, but still no go.

Any ideas?