View Full Version : Turbonet with 22mpbs D-Link wireless

11-17-2003, 07:56 AM
I'm in state of flux about houses & cabling at the moment so I decided to buy a turbonet adaptor and use it with wireless kit rather than go for airnet (and not be able to go wired later on).

I have a D-Link 900+AP access point in AP mode with the turbonet connected to its 10/100 port. I have a 520+ PCI card in the PC and a connection between the 2. When I try and extract I get only 500kBps max from the link (4mbps) ... I know I'm not going to actually get 22mbps in real life but I'd hoped that it would be a good sight more then 4 !!! (maybe 10-15mbps? ... think turbonet is pretty much limited to 13mbps when used with my SA UK 2.5.5 thomson series 1 box?).

My link quality is 100% and signal strength is 60-70%.

Grateful if anyone has similar setup\experience with 22mbps wireless to let me know if I'm dreaming or theres something that needs optimising (somewhere ??)