View Full Version : x25 to 252 ppv question

11-20-2003, 02:58 PM
I just updated my dsr6000 from xtreme25 to 252 xupgrade. I realize its been a year since everybody else did this but maybe someone can remember this problem. After I ran the iso disk onto the harddrive and put it back in the tivo the noppv worked fine but the locals didn't come in. So I did the clear all data reboot and locals came in but the noppv hasn't worked since. I've done the remote control commands every way I could think of and no go. I found an old post sugesting a person with this problem run a rm /var/hack/st.dat If this is my last resort I'll try it. Its been a couple years since I had to use the serial cable and do the touch command on x25 so I need some details on how to do this. My port settings, I know the speed is 115200, but am unsure of the other settings. Do I just click enter when I get hooked up to get bash promt? is bash promt a symbol like this #? Do I just type in the above remove command and then hit enter? Then do I just unplug the cable? If there is a post that goes into this detail can you point me to it? I have searched pretty good to get this much info. thx.

11-20-2003, 05:17 PM
I've had the same problem where noppv doesn't run automatically at bootup like it should . I just run it manually from bash. Navigate to the xPlusz folder and enter the following at the bash prompt:


All PPV shows currently listed in the guide will have the PPV flags removed. You'll need to do this about once every 10-12 days to keep up with the latest PPV showings.

I believe the xPlusz folder is located in the /bin/hacks directory but I'd have to check to be sure. I'm currently in the office and don't have access to my Tivo to check. I'll update later if it's different.