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11-23-2003, 06:06 PM
I'm just curious. My hughes tivo hdvr2 works perfect. (I get all the channels I'm suppose to). But when I go to Satellite setup and go thru all the steps and get to "confirming setup", It says:

Satellites, Sat In 1: Satellites, Sat In 2:

101 (A): ok 101 (A): ok
119 (B): not detected 119 (B): ok
110 (C): not detected 110 (C): ok

I have an oval dish with triple lnb (built in multiswitch) with 4 outputs. I have 2 of those output lines going into a 2x4 multiswitch. The other 2 go straight to receivers. I needed this setup in order to hook up 3 regular dtv receivers and my dual tuner hdvr2. Although, like I said everything works fine, why is it showing not detected as above mentioned? I assumed you could just use any of the 4 output feeds from the dish going into the 2x4 multiswitch. Could this be the problem?

11-23-2003, 06:47 PM
I don't think that 2x4 multiswitch is going to work properly.

A tripple LNB oval dish has 4 signal lines. 2 for each dual lnb - the sat c is diplexed with one of the others.

So you need a 4x8 port multiswitch so that all 4 signal lines are always present at the multiswitch.

With only 2 lines into your 2x4 multiswitch, you will only be able to tune to 2 of the 4 signal lines at a time - which most of the time won't be a problem.

11-23-2003, 08:06 PM
what sleeper said is the answer. Technically, a "cascading" multi switch is needed for oval integrated or dish mounted switches. A regular switch will only get one satellite of the 3, and sometimes none or the wrong one depending on the wiring. They are way more expensive than the "regular" ones, and the correct way is to run ALL the 4 leads to it, and then go out from there to all the receivers. If it works for now, the reason you cant tell is your not subscribed to any B or C satellite channels on that dtivo.......

11-23-2003, 08:26 PM
You need a multiswitch that has at least four inputs, is cascadeable, and is specified to work with a phase III dish. Two inputs are used for the dual LNB output feed for the 101-degree satellite. The output of the 110-degree satellite is piggybacked on one of the 101-degree LNB outputs. The other two inputs are for the dual LNB outputs for the 119-degree satellite. The multiswitch changes to the correct LNB due to a voltage sent back up the line from the receiver that causes the switch to select the desired LNB. The 101-degree LNB is switched with either a 13 or 18-volt DC voltage. The other LNBs are selected with a voltage plus a 22kHz signal to differentiate between the two sets of inputs. I believe the 110-degree sat LNB also requires the 22kHz signal to be selected. The multiswitch for such a setup has to be able to transmit the 22kHz signal back up to the dish-mounted multiswitch or you'll only see the signal from the 101-degree bird.

11-23-2003, 08:38 PM
Ok, thanks guys. Where is a good place to buy a 4x8 switch without taking out a 2nd mortgage? :D I searched ebay and found them for about $85.00. Does that sound reasonable?

11-25-2003, 06:24 PM
Originally posted by olscool
Ok, thanks guys. Where is a good place to buy a 4x8 switch without taking out a 2nd mortgage? :D I searched ebay and found them for about $85.00. Does that sound reasonable?

I hope listing sites is ok, but I like shopping.yahoo.com and cnet.com followed by pricewatch.com (the latter two are generally for pc bits). There are others, but for example a search on yahoo shopping for "cascadable multi switch" yields $69.99 with shipping to pay (no doubt). < EDIT: hmmmm.. on reflection that may not be the type you are looking for. Try froogle.google.com also.