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11-26-2003, 04:45 PM
This thread is a good example...


I've been visiting these forums for a short while...and...I had no idea what "Sleeper" meant when he mentioned the "scripts" section. Why? There is no scripts section...there's a thread with the word scripts in it's title...

...how about a couple of ways ya'll can greatly improve the order on these forums? Nothing will stop mindless fools from being lazy and posting in the wrong place. However, there seems to be a ton of threads moved and comments that things should have been put somewhere else, etc. Save yourself the administrative headache (and the negative responses) and polish your layout a bit. I'm sure all but the biggest opponents of change will thank you for it. ;)


Sub-forums - Learn 'em and use 'em
The version of vBulletin you folks run is very capable of handling sub-forums. For things like the "scripts" section above...a sub-forum would be much easier to navigate (initially and after substantial activity). It also provides seperation of topics into threads...instead of seperation of threads into topics.

More consistent and intuitive forums
You've got "DirecTiVo hacking" and "TiVo Series 2 Hacking". From what I can see the first forum is for "Series 1 DirecTiVo Hacking" and the second is for any type of Series 2 TiVo (including DirecTiVo) hacking. This confused me at first...I only learned as one of my threads was moved...and I saw the artifact it left behind. If the structure were intuitive there wouldn't be an artifact cluttering the board, and, it wouldn't have req'd the time for someone to move it.

This isn't meant to be a rant, or a complaint...just some feedback on my experience here thus far.

Happy Turkey Day!!! :cool: