View Full Version : utv flashing lite problem

11-27-2003, 12:35 AM
Well searching and seeing others with similar problems, maybe someone can help me. picked a UTV a while back hard drive was corrupt so i tried to zero out the drive installed 3.5 then booted it up. so far so good then i noticed tuner 1 was out, ok no problem ill use tuner 2 until i get around to replaceing the tuner. Then the drive crashed again, well what i thought was a crash, so i wrote the image to a new 60 gb drive i had lying around installed it and the same problem so i tried to cycle the power and it came up, was working for a few days unplugged it and put it aside then the other day i plugged it back in and the same thing sometimes i can get it to boot up by cycling the power so i tore it apart and actually found some solder debris bridging a couple of the ic's cleaned it up felling sure that was my problem powered it up and same thing this is what it does after applying power at first the yellow lite will flash 1 short flast then the green lite will flash about 5 - 8 times a little fast then the red green and yellow lites will flash together and start to what i assume is booting up i can hear the drive heads moving at this point and the green lite starts to flash a littler slower than the inital power up and it will flash indefitnally, if it actually boots the green lite will go out after the red yellow and green lites flash, I have tried to resolder the web processor but does the same thing , I tried pushing on the ic's to see if i can find a loose component, tried freeze spray changed ide ribbon cable checked power supply ribbon inspected the main board very well , I am out of ideas if i disconnect the ide ribbon i get the web dial up screen so i am kinda of thinking of some type of ide hardware failure but not the drives themself, the ide interface on the main board. Any suggestions yoll be greatly appreciated thanks

12-11-2003, 02:10 AM
i am having the same problem you are having, and what sucks is noone replied to it so i wonder what happened to your machine. My problem is a blinkin green light after power on, and the light doesnt stop. i tried removing the harddrive plug and it bouts up fine and goes to web, but when i replug it back in, it blinks indef again. i wastold that is a harddrive prob. anyone please have info, if grately appreciate it. i am still using a hu card, and dont want to go to new program. thanks for info